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Dog Collar Sizing Chart

Collar Size Guide

Collar Neck (inches) Width (inches)
S 8.25 - 11.25" .75"
M 12 - 15.25" .75"
L 15.25 - 18.5" 1"
XL 20 - 23.25" 1"

How to Measure

Finding the perfect fit can be tricky. Luckily, just like dogs, our Walk essentials comes in all shapes and sizes. Check out our team’s recommendations for the style and size best suited to your pup!


Neck Measuring Area, where collar fits


Chest Measuring Area, Largest section behind front legs


Don’t have a soft tape measure? Sub in a piece of string or rope, and follow our measurement instructions. Record your dog’s sizing by measuring the string with a ruler as you go.

For growing puppies or dogs with extra thick coats, we recommend adding a little extra space (3 fingers) when measuring, for comfort.

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