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Exciting Giveaway Announcement!

We are thrilled to present an incredible opportunity for one lucky dog parent to win our exclusive Deluxe Fetch and Carry Travel Bag Bundle!

Featured Product: Crap Bag Caddy

Stop stuffing grocery bags in your pocket. This rugged, compact must-have doodad (or shall we say doo-doodad) fits our Go Anywhere No-Leak Dog Poop Bags and clips to your leash for a hands free take-what-you-need trip around town. ​​Carrying your dog’s crap has never been easier.
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11 Pockets and 2 Clips for Ultimate Organization
Detachable Accessory Bag
Insulated and Rust Proof

"In love! We like how the Tito's Closet monogram logo blends in with the color of the collar."

-Serena J.
Review Image Ally B.
Ally B.
July 10, 2023

The gray harness really makes "Rudy" stand out! Hopefully we can order the leash and poop bag carrier very soon!

Review Image Gina G.
Gina G.
June 12, 2023

We had a plastic water bottle for many years. This water bottle is as nice as my human yeti :) We love it

Review Image Samantha K.
Samantha K.
July 12, 2023

We love this color purple and the collar is very soft and easy to work with. My baby girl loves it! Thank you!

Review Image Sarah F.
Sarah F.
July 09, 2023

In love with this harness! We are going to be purchasing the matching leash very soon!

Review Image Serena J.
Serena J.
July 12, 2023

"In love! We like how the Tito's Closet monogram logo blends in with the color of the collar."

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pockets does the Fetch and Carry Dog Travel Bag have?

11 Different Pockets including a very large main compartment that will fit everything you need to take your dog with you :)

How many ounces/cups can the collapsible dog bowls hold?

When the collapsible dog bowl is fully expanded, it can hold 2.5 cups or 22 ounces

How many cups in the food scooper?

1 cup

What are the benefits of a slow pet feeder bowl?
  • Encourages healthy eating
  • Weight Management
  • Helps to prevent choking and vomiting by eating slower
  • Slows Down Food Consumption

How do I measure my dog for a dog collar?
Is this collar waterproof?

The material of our dog collar (neoprene) is designed to be water and dirt resistant. IT is also very easy to clean!

Can a puppy wear this dog collar?

Absolutely! Not only is our dog collar soft and stretchy, but it is also durable and safe for the "lively" pup. We recommend sizing up so your pup can grow into it!